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Divorce Affair

Men: Every Time you go on Your Knees, Pray You Don’t Marry a Woman like Odartey’s Wife (FIND OUT).

The case of Odartey Lamptey, the former Aston Villa is no news to many Ghanaians. The impressive soccer player and calm man returned from Europe after a long play on the field. On his return, he came to meet the sad news that none of the children is his. And the wife, Gloria Appiah, defended her action by declaring that Odartey couldn’t impregnate her. I mean who does that?

Well, just when the divorce was in process, the wife decided to pray to the court to give her their four-bedroom house and additional compensation. Well, the court granted her that with a GHS200,000 divorce settlement.

Sadly, unbeknown to anyone, she was also keeping their seven-bedroom house at East Legon since 2013. So, one woman, you break the man’s heart, seize his houses and take his money. Can a responsible and virtuous woman do this?

All this while, Odartey has been renting for eight years. Oh my God! This is so sad. Odartey sacrificed all his years in Europe only for this ungrateful and unfaithful woman to take over his properties. Today, she has filed another appeal to officially take the seven bedroom house at East Legon when she perfectly knows that her ex-husband is housed in a rented home.

This news is very terrible and utterly disgusting. That’s why I tell my Ghanaian men out there to be very careful about who they settle to marry. In praying for that Mrs Right, pray for one that will care for you and hold your interest in esteem. Pray for one that will stay faithful to you. Pray for that one who is Godly enough to stay by you during the storms.

The story of Odartey is very depressing and I feel he is a strong man to be having all these happen to him. Thus, mothers and fathers out there, when you get on your knees, pray for your wards too: for the devil is still in full operation.




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