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Dear Men, No Matter What, Don't Reveal These 5 Secrets To Your Wife.

No matter how you love a woman, there are some things it is best to keep secrets if you want a smooth and running relationship. In this article, we are going to discuss things you should never tell your woman:

1. Never tell your partner the total money in your account or how rich you are. 

These issues cause many relationships to break down. No matter how you love your woman, telling her your net worth won't do you any good. You can make the greatest mistake in a relationship when you showcase your account balance to your partner.

This has a negative effect because she won't be satisfied when you give her money for the well-being of the family because she knows you have more and not thinking you have other plans also for the benefits of yourself and the family at large. 

So it is best you keep your net worth or account balance best known to you.

2. Never discuss your ex to your partner about your ex and how good she was in the relationship.

As a man, if you want your marriage or relationship to move positively, never tell your woman about your ex. 

Your ex should be the past because women easily get jealous and envious, this might have a side effect in your relationship. 

3. Never discuss your family deep secrets to your woman. 

Yes, it is good to trust your wife, but it is best to keep some secrets about your family. As a man, it is not good to start telling your woman about your brother, your sister, your mom, your dad’s deep secrets because she might finally use it on them when you have a little misunderstanding with her. 

4.Never compare your woman to anyone or wish she's like someone you know. 

Women hate to be compared. You should love her for who she is. When you start comparing your woman with another, you might cause relationship problems you don't think of. 

Thanks for reading. As a man, follow this footstep for a positive and smooth relationship. Don't forget to share, comment and follow me for more updates.

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