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For You: Here Are 10 Good Reasons To Have Regular Sexual Activity

We all know that making love brings pleasure, but what we don't say enough is that apart from pleasure, sex is good for your health! Here are ten good reasons to have regular sexual activity and your health will benefit greatly. If by any chance you don't feel like having sex, I will give you some good reasons to have regular sexual activity without delay, it is very beneficial for your body, your mind and your emotions.

1. It's good for the heart.

Sex is good for the heart, during sex our body burns calories and this improves the health of our heart, also the hormones produced during sex. intercourse creates an increase in blood pressure and heartbeat. This pressure affects almost every muscle in our body. After having sex, the blood vessels are dilated and the blood pressure drops. This change is good for our hearts.

2. It fights stress.

Have you had a long, stressful day? Don't panic, part of the legs in the air can make you feel better. Indeed, the endorphins secreted by the body at the time of the sexual act naturally help to boost the good mood and decrease the stress.

3. It is a pleasant physical activity.

Sex is a great way to exercise for you who want to keep the figure. During sexual intercourse, our body is subjected to physiological changes which are similar to those of sports training. Practice frequently for the full benefit.

4. Sex builds muscles.

Regular sexual activity develops several muscle groups: abdominals, quadriceps, back and pelvic muscles. Well-developed pelvic muscles contribute to better orgasms, research has shown . In addition, They prolong the sensitivity during sexual intercourse in women and in men, they help to treat erectile dysfunction. That's not all, these muscles help fight urinary incontinence.

5. Sex alleviates the pain.

Sexual intercourse leads to an increase in oxytocin, which causes the production of endorphins which reduce pain.

6. It helps to breathe better.

If during the report you have a little trouble breathing normally, know that after your breathing will be at the top. Sex is known to exert an antihistamine action which helps fight asthma and fever.

7. Improves the quality of sleep.

The cocktail of hormones that sex can produce added to fatigue makes a part of the legs in the air a great way to regain a good quality of sleep.

8. It stimulates the immune system.

During intercourse, the body produces antigens, such as immunoglobulin A . These antibodies are known for their ability to fight colds and even the flu.

9. Sex reduces the risk of cancer.

Gentlemen having frequent intercourse decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer. This is because men who ejaculate often are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

10. Making love just makes us happy.

If we combine all the benefits of sex, we can conclude that regular sexual activity makes us happier. Do not hesitate to get started.

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