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Human Wants Are Insatiable: See How A Man Intends To Break Up With His Girlfriend Because Of Doggy

The wants of individuals are Insatiable. There is a vast difference between "wants" and "needs". Needs are things that people should have no matter what, for survival. When we talk about wants, they are the things we yearn for but can live without them if they cannot be met. For instance, you would want something like a wrist watch to match your outfit. In such an instance, if you do not get the wrist watch you can replace it with something like a bracelet. For a need, you need something like water to drink in order to survive. You cannot replace the water with a soft drink or any other thing aside the water because it is only water that can quench your thirst. I'm sure you are getting the scenario I'm trying to create.

In every relationship, there are particular things that the partners expect from each other. Sometimes it can be the financial support, encouragement, respect, trust, ability to accept mistakes and learning to say sorry, among several others. In this article, we are going to look at how a man Intends to break up with his girlfriend with a flimsy and somewhat funny reason. A WhatsApp conversation between one man and his friend had gone viral. The man in question texted his friend tell him that his girlfriend is not able to give him doggy. We all know doggy to be a type of sex position. Some lovers like it while others do not.

The man's friend replied to the message by making it clear to his friend that his girlfriend gives him sex so it's nothing. The man, willing to break up with his girlfriend replied by saying that the lady gives him sex alright but it is doggy he wants most. He further went on to say that since his girlfriend cannot give him doggy, he has to find someone else.

This has really hit a lot of people as a huge surprise. From what the man is saying, you would notice that the lady might be giving him almost every position he wants except doggy. Indeed, human wants are Insatiable. 

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