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8 Things Most Teenage Girls Find Attractive In Boys

8 things teenage girls find attractive in boys:

Confidence. A self-confident guy has high self-esteem and believes in himself. This quality makes a boy more attractive because he feels good and likes himself and girls are seeking these qualities in themselves.

Guys with a plan : Guys that have their own dreams and ambitions make me swoon. Guys that talk about their future with a sense of practicality are refreshing to see at my age and are extremely attractive to me.

Kindness : Guys that are just nice to other other people irrespective of if they are being watched make me melt inside. Being a nice person, in general, is a huge plus.

Guys that can text well : This is probably internet’s doing, but I really appreciate guys that form complete, meaningful, grammatically correct sentences in texts.

Guys that are ‘not boring’ : I love conversations, sometimes meaningful, sometimes meaningless. I love to laugh, obviously, and I love to joke around with people I like as well. Guys that are genuinely fun to be around and can take jokes too are hella sexy.

Humor- I know a lot of girls like humor in a boy but you don’t have to be a comedian or anything, just as long as you can make you laugh it is good enough for most teenage girls

Intelligence- Guys who put effort into their academics and get good grades tend to attract teenage girls. Doing well/trying your best in school is attractive to most teenagers

Popularity- in school all the popular guys are best friends with and hang out with most of the popular girls. 

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