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What can you do if your boyfriend has another girl

1.What can you do if your boyfriend has a girl best friend?

Don’t deny. You must’ve felt threatened by your boyfriend’s best friend who happens to be a girl. It’s an obvious feeling that has stuck onto women for ages because they repeatedly feel insecure with the presence of another close woman in their partner’s life. However, this can affect your relationship greatly because according to a survey conducted by Gleeden, an extramarital dating platform, 70% of relationships face grave difficulties when the man has a female best friend than the rest 30% where the woman has a male best friend. 2.Is a best friend of the opposite sex a big threat to relationships? The survey further suggests that approximately 60% of relationships end because the man cannot balance his partner with his best friend, causing noticeable rifts. 20% of other relationships get ruined to such an extent that it can’t be mended again and only a small percentage like 10% of couples survive this adversity. You shouldn’t have to risk your relationships on impulsive conclusions. Take it easy, analyse and then act. 3.Be open-minded and mature Don’t act like a bratty and impatient girlfriend. Instead, be analytical and explore your boyfriend’s friendship with his best friend from the sidelines. Don’t give them the impression that you’re intruding into their friendship. It’s important to understand and find out if they have had any romantic history or if there is any peculiar facts in between them.

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