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Ladies: 7 Simple Ways To Attract Your Crush Without Even Talking To Him

It is possible to attract guys to you without even talking to them. In this particular write-up, we shall look at how to attract a guy without talking to him especially your crush.

Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident. When you feel confident, you seem more attractive, which can attract guys. Wear clothing that fits you well and helps you look your best. This can help you attract attention without doing anything. Try on all of your clothes in your closet to figure out which outfits look best on you. Then, designate these clothes for when you're hoping to get a guy to talk to you.

Play with your hair so you look flirtatious. Twirling, mussing, or flipping your hair can draw a guy's eyes to you. Additionally, it shows him that you're feeling flirty, which can make him feel comfortable approaching you. When you see a guy who interests you, casually flip your hair over your shoulder, twirl it around your finger, or run your fingers through it.

Brush up against him as you pass him to break the touch barrier. Touching is a great way to flirt with a guy, including casual touches. When you're trying to attract a guy without talking to him, "accidentally" grazing against him is a great way to make contact. Walk past him and lightly brush your body against him. For instance, brush past him as you walk down the hallway at school or towards the counter at a coffee shop. As another option, you could choose the seat behind or next to him. Then, lightly touch him as you sit down. Since you don't want to talk to him, it's best not to bump into him too hard.

Angle your body away from the friend you're talking to. Being out with friends can get a guy's attention because it makes you appear popular. However, it can also make it hard for guys to approach you. To show guys you're open to being approached, face your body away from your friend as you talk. For example, let's say you and your friend are at a party. While you're chatting, face the room instead of each other. This way guys will feel comfortable walking up to you.

Cross and uncross your legs every 2 minutes while you're sitting. Guys are often attracted to legs because they make them think of touching you sexually. Moving your legs can catch a guy's attention, so crossing and uncrossing your legs often can attract guys to you. Angle your body so that your legs are facing the room. Then, slowly cross and uncross your legs about every 2 minutes. This works best if you're sitting on a high stool, but you can also do it in a regular chair.

Stay off your phone while you're trying to attract guys. You might want to pull out your phone so you look busy, but this can backfire. If you're looking down at your phone, it's hard for guys to approach you. Put your phone away so they know you're open to being approached. It's okay to check your phone occasionally. However, don't focus all of your attention on your phone.

Act like you need help with something to trigger his protective instincts. Many guys enjoy feeling helpful, so they're likely to offer assistance if you seem to need help. If the situation allows, create a minor problem that you need help with. Then, see if a guy will come to help. For instance, let's say you're at a party. You might act like you're having trouble opening your drink. Similarly, you could act like you're having trouble reaching a high object.At school, you might act like you need help with an assignment. Don't feel like you have to do this if you don't feel comfortable acting like you need help when you don't. Guys will be just as into you!

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