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Stop opening your eyes underwater if you love yourself, see reasons why

Many people are fond of opening their eyes underwater thinking it's fun and safe but no, it isn't safe at all. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

Water is life, without water we cannot live. Do you doubt that? The pools we normally visit are seen clear and neat from the eye but they aren't, people who hasn't taken their bath visit the pool and swim in it.

Some even urinate in it so if you open your eyes in it (in the water or underwater), then you are inviting germs into your eyes which can cause blindness.

And also, most waters including tap water, sea water and all sources of water contain either chlorine, germs or pathogens which are very dangerous to the eye. All pool waters contains chlorine. If this chlorine pathogens enter your eye, it can either cause blindness or a blur vision, so take note.

I'll end with an advice that stop opening your eyes underwater if you love yourself and if you love to see.

Content created and supplied by: Leonard_Writes (via Opera News )


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