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Agness why: Guy tattoos girlfriend name on his neck only to catch her cheating on him the next day.

The Bible makes us understand that man and woman were created to complement each other. Love is what that makes a man and a woman agrees to be together. Indeed love is the greatest gift of nature in my opinion.

Someone may dispute the fact that love is the source of some relationships and marriages we see today. In today modern Ghana, people falls in love with others because of a number of reasons. Some people are into relationships because of money, fame, beauty, wealth and so on.

A picture is circulating on instagram that is causing stair. In this said picture, a nice gentleman was seen having a tattoo on his neck. The tattoo was bearing a name of a lady called Agnes. It is alleged that Agnes is the woman who has won the heart of this young man so he decided to make that tattoo to show her how much he loves her.

Information reaching us is that when the young man visited the lady's house to show her the tattoo he has made because of her, the lady was not home. On the next day, he visited the lady again and that was when he received the shock of his life.

He caught the lady cheating on him with another person. The guy was speechless, heartbroken and sad. Check out the picture of this young man with the tattoo boldly written on his neck.

Now the question people are asking is that, is he going to remove the tattoo from his neck because he caught his girlfriend cheating on him or he should maintain it. If you were to be this young man, would you have maintained the tattoo on you or you will remove it as soon as possible. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

credit: instagram

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