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Husband and wife relationship

Should I Tell My Madam That Her Husband Has HIV

When I was 18, my parents forced me to marry a wealthy farmer when I had barely graduated from high school. My parents are very poor and they thought they were getting a good deal selling me to this rich man without my consent. I was full of life and had many dreams. I wanted to continue my studies, have good degrees and be a doctor.

This rich farmer already had three wives, so I was the fourth. After we got married, I begged him to let me continue my studies, but he categorically refused. The first time he wanted to sleep with me, I didn't want to but he took my virginity anyway by raping me. I cried and it was like that every night until I became pregnant. 

We had three children, just after the birth of our daughter, the wealthy farmer passed away. These three women who never accepted me into the family kicked me out. I went back to my parents since I had nowhere to go, my husband's other wives had shared the inheritance among themselves. To meet my needs and those of my children, I decided to look for work in the city. 

Fortunately, I was welcomed into a family as a house help. I did all the tasks for a salary of 100 Ghana cedis a month. I sent the money every end of the month to my mother to take care of my children. One day the boss proposed that I sleep with him for a large sum, I refused. He blackmails me all the time and I really cared about my job. 

One evening he came into my room, abused me. I suffered in silence, I fell seriously ill afterwards. A few days later I went to a hospital center and the lady who was taking care of me demanded a serological test which turned out to be positive. My world has collapsed, I still work for him but I don't know if I have to confess everything to his wife.

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