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Do this to fight against Spiritual marriage, sex in dreams, masturbation, uncontrollable fornication

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about spiritual marriage

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Things needed:

Fresh fish


Cut open the fresh fish and take out everything from the stomach and throw the fish away. 

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Light your charcoal till it is completely lit.

Naked yourself and drop everything you took out of the fish in the fire. Allow it to burn and smoke yourself, and your room while you say your prayers till it burns down completely.

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Do this 3 times if you have a challenging case, if not once will do. 

When you go and buy the fish do not bargain on the price. The size of the fish doesn't really matter so you can choose the one that you can buy without bargaining. 

Don't charge money from anyone when you show them this direction else it won't work. However, you can tell them to appreciate you from their heart when they get results.




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