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Simple Ways to Get Your Guy Obsessed Over You

7 Simple Tips To Make Him Want You Bad (Crazy About You)

Wondering how some ladies keep their men obsessed and head over heels in love with them? Well, here are simple tips to get your man obsessed and let him love you more and more each day.


Loving yourself more than anything else is the first step to letting others know how to treat you. Self-love teaches you what you will not tolerate. Any guy who sees your standards will definitely treat you right, be obsessed, and crazy over you too.

Energy shift.

Shift your focus from the other girls or side chicks and focus all your energy on you and your partner only. Sometimes jealous and nagging girlfriends sack their men away from them. 

Doing the opposite by transforming how you view your man and being patient with him will draw your partner to you the more.


To cause him to keep thinking and obsessing about you, you need to communicate and give him reassurances. 

Men love to hear the three magic words too.

Let him know that you love him and he is the only man you want in your life. This will keep you in his mind more often and let him fall absolutely in love with you for the longest time.


Say things like, ‘I am the goal’, ‘I am the prize’, ‘There is nobody my partner wants more than me’, 'I am a love magnet', ‘My man cannot stop thinking about me’. All of these affirmations draw your man to you the most and get him super obsessed.

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