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Women can still thrive in male-dominated professions. Meet the lady who literally does everything

Over-dependence on a person makes the person tired of you at a certain point in his or her life. For this reason, standing up for yourself and adopting new strategies which will aid in making you stand on your own is a very vital step to take in life. Many men and young boys around the world do not place much value on some men and young girls they tend to meet along the line and this breaks my heart.

They just think these women have nothing positive to add to their lives with the exception of bedroom pleasure and for that reason, they treat them anyhow. This shouldn't be so since women are more important than that. The only reason why some men and young guys are thinking that way is due to the simple fact that the women they meet in their lives don't bring anything to the table.

In as much as some ladies are too lazy and don't want to work but depend on others, there are other ladies who has never believed in laziness. They are hungry for success and not a successful man. A successful man can leave them whenever they want but the success they will attain with their hard work will never leave them.

This article is aimed at projecting one of such ladies to the world. She is known as Belinda Akabah Carl and she is a Ghanaian mechanic who has never believed in over-dependence on men. I know we all need each other and depending on people is something she is going to do at a point but I love the simple fact that over-dependence on them is something we wouldn't find in her dictionary. Taking a look at her below, you get to realize that she is a very stunning looking young lady and would get many men admiring her beauty but that isn't her way of going around for money. Some girls like her will depend on their beauty for money but she isn't built that way. She is the type who just wants to see herself do something great.

Ladies, please know this very well, never feel shy when working in a field dominated by males. Never let gender be a barrier to achieving your goals in life. Working in a male-dominated field is intimidating to begin with, but don’t let that stop you from branching out even further. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Sometimes the greatest opportunities present themselves when we’re in uncomfortable situations.

Belinda claims that she would like to be remembered by the world as someone who was not afraid to do what she wanted to do, and as someone who took risks along the way in order to achieve her goals. She is very versatile. She can fix electrical appliances, motor vehicles and even, cars.

Indeed, her ideas and thoughts have made me develop a huge respect and a certain inherent love for her. Unlike some ladies in this generation who are making it by sleeping around and sending naked stuff to men, Belinda believes that those acts are not the way forward. She thinks always depending on men is going to make them lose some respect for you and it is even likely to make them treat you in a way they shouldn't.

Motivating women and young ladies to keep on moving has been one thing she has always fancied. She tells people to be stubborn with their goals and also be flexible with the methods they put in place so as to achieve such goals. Looking at the pictures in this article, you get to see that indeed, "What men can do, women can do and even do it better".

Women, rise up!!! This is your time to shine.

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