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Before Bedtime: 7 great tips on how to have the best s€x on the first

First dates are full of fun possibilities, and you never know where they’ll take you. If you’d like to see where the night could go with a new person you’re into, there are many ways to set yourself up for success. We’ll share some tips about how to appear cool and confident so you can have the best sex imaginable on your first date. Try out these strategies to turn up the heat and build a connection quickly.

Dress to impress.

Wear clothes that send the right message. Think about how you want to come across to your date. Do you want to look mysterious? You can wear all black and and a leather bracelet. Would prefer to seem laidback? Stick to jeans and a t-shirt. The outfit you put together is your first chance to grab your date’s impression. Choose one that shows off your personality and you’ll hook them right away. Make sure your outfit matches the venue. Dress shirts are great for upscale restaurants, while a casual look works for a cafe. Be well-groomed to enhance the first impression. Arrive after you’ve showered, pop in a breath mint, and put on a signature scent. Wear clothes that you feel good in. Your date will appreciate your natural confidence.

Close the distance between you and your date to connect. When you are right next to your date, you immediately create a sense of friendliness. They’ll feel you’re on good terms with them and that they can open up to you. Create even more momentum and use a lot of conversation starters. You can ask about their hobbies or try out creative questions. For example, you could check what they’d do if they were nominated the leader of their group on a stranded island. They’ll be attracted to your warmth and curiosity. ”So, bam! You’ve just been made leader of a group on a stranded island. What do you do?” ”What does your ideal day look like?” ”How do you love to spend your time?”

Talk about what you two can do together and turn up the heat. Once you learn about each other, switch from more friendly topics to more risque ones. Start off simple. You can ask them if they’ve ever been skinny dipping or if they’ve ever had a crush on a friend. If they are excited by your questions and dive into some pretty hot answers, bring up how you two would have fun. Check what their wildest fantasy is and say how you can make that a reality. Ask them if it’s crossed their mind to leave and spend more alone time with you. Let your date take the lead and say where they’d like the date to go. ”Okay, I have to ask. Have you ever been skinny dipping? I have. Once. I’d do it again, though.” ”Have you ever had a crush on a friend? You have?! Okay, now you have to tell me more.” ”You’re in that? I am, too. That’s a nice coincidence. Maybe I could help out with that fantasy.”

Talk late into the night. Continue your conversation until you lose track of time. It’s a good sign if your date has their eyes on you the whole time and ignores their phone. Engage them with more questions, stories, flirting, and physical touch. A great tactic is to stay until right before the restaurant or venue you’re at closes. That way, your date will notice that it’s best to change locations. They can choose to leave with you or go home. As the hours go by, the talk should get more and more honest. You’ll be more comfortable with each other. If you’re both giving each other a lot of eye contact throughout the whole date, it’s likely that the chemistry between you two is strong. If your date hugs you or becomes even more physical later in the date, they’re expressing attraction to you. You should still check in and see if they’d like the night to go on even longer.

Invite them over and let them decide how to end the date. Even if they really enjoyed themselves and are into you, they might prefer a different pace. Maybe they’d rather meet up another time and test the chemistry again. Reassure them that you’re fine with whatever choice you make. Say that you really enjoy their company and would like to continue chatting. If they agree to come over, make sure you’re a good host and that they’re comfortable. ”This was really fun. How would you feel about coming back to my place?” ”You’d rather me swing by your place? That’s cool with me.” ”I’m totally fine meeting up again another time.”

Make an effort to make out to work them up. When you let them inside your place or come over to theirs, ask if you can kiss them. If they say yes, start out slow and tender. If they sigh and lean in or press their body against yours, that’s a good cue that you can get more passionate. Run your hands over their waist, chest, and the small of their back. Alternate between soft and more intense kisses. Watch for how responsive they are before you make your next move. Check and see if they’d just like to stick to kissing and heavy petting. You can move over to some furniture, like a couch. That way, they can lay on top of you and you two can get more intimate. Ask if they’d like even more intensity. They might want to start to take off their clothes or feel more of your body.

Confirm that they want any type of affection or sex. Anyone’s mood can change throughout a date. They might start off really excited but then want to cool off for a bit. The best choice you can make to respect your date is to ask about where their head is and what feels the best for them. Say what you’re interested in and reassure them that you understand if they have a different goal for the night. Make sure your date hasn’t had alcohol or isn’t extremely tired before going to your place. Their decision should be fully informed. Your date should know how they’re going home and that they can leave whenever they want. If you’re at your place, they should know you’ll respect their boundaries and head out if that’s best. Pay attention to verbal and non-verbal consent. Verbal consent, like a “yes” or “I want this”, is more clear than non-verbal consent, like body language or a sigh.

Negotiate the type of sex you both want if you’ve agreed to go further. Maybe your date wants the evening to feel romantic and only likes certain kinds of positions. They might also want to play out specific fantasies and hope to stay the night. Before you jump into intimacy, start off with clear expectations. Your date might prefer only kinds of sex after a first date. If you offer to give them a back rub before sex, let them enjoy the massage instead of using a “quid pro quo” arrangement. “Quid pro quo” means you get back exactly what you give. Be willing to re-negotiate sex throughout the night. Your date might decide they want to be less intimate, or they may be comfortable with a new option.

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