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Plastic surgery gone wrong

Pereal wallace is a 27 year old exotic dancer who works full time but after her plastic surgery she can't even go out anymore.

People,especially females are risking it all just to change their bodies for attention which some claim they only want to boost their self confidence but we all know that's not most people's initial reason.

During plastic surgery,you get under the knife with your eyes closed and no idea what your body is being done with unless you wake up.

Pereal didn't do her research on the best plastic surgeon to go but rather,she chose the cheapest surgeon,Dr Yily who is known for botching her clients since 2013.

Pereal who works as an exotic dancer wanted to enhance her body to look more attractive and appealing to the eye didn't do her research well and went to the notorious Dr.Yily for her plastic surgery and got botched.

Pereal went into surgery under the impression that she would be receiving breast implants,360 lipo(remove fats from beneath her breast to her abdomen.front and back ) and tight lipo(make her thighs slimmer by removing fats from her thighs).She wanted more surgery but the doctor said her haemoglobin levels were not high enough so they decided to do only those three.

The surgery got done but the next day,the doctor told her her breasts were difficult during the implantation so she didn't do the implant. Three days after the surgery,pereal bandage on her breasts fell off and she burst into tears after she figured out her breasts were completely deformed.

The doctor lipoed (cut and removed the fats from) her inner thighs,sides and stomach.Her vagina was even lipoed as well without her knowledge and her breasts were reduced instead of an implant without her knowledge as well.

She told the doctor about the situation and the doctor offered to give her USD2,000 if she signs a Non Disclosure Agreement,NDA to agree not to sue her and post anything on any social media platform but pereal declined the offer to seek help to correct her body.

She said she uses her body to make a living and saw the plastic surgery as an investment to boost her career but it has now taken a left turn. She said she's now ashamed to even go anywhere and has totally lost her self confidence. She will also have to be away from work for a while until her body is correct.

She now has to pay more money to get a good doctor to correct her body so she has opened a GoFundMe account.

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Pereal Yily


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