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Funny: Jokes For The Day

Breakup is for small boys. Real men pause the relationship and resume when the girl is back to her senses. You got me

How To Tell A Girl That She is Ugly Without Making Her Feel insulted? "Your Beauty is Different”

Men are very selective with who they spend on. The same Man who you think is broke and stingy is making it rain for another Frosh girl

I remember my first broken heart, I woke my Aunty 4 months old baby at midnight and explained to her, she cried too.

So Eve saw a talking snake and didn't run? My brother fear women ooo

Please which position or style can lead to pregnancy fast? Asking for a friend who just married at 55

This country no balance at all, can you imagine I created a WhatsApp platform now they have remove me

AuntyBe happy at least they left you with a broken heart others were left with kids.

I need to start controlling my anger dis days ooh yesterday I pushed trailer inside gutter.

The book of wahala chapter 5vs1 says"baby I have not seen my period since last month " can somebody read verse 2?

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