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Who says love is easy

My girlfriend once saw a dream where we were married for years, and fought one evening. She kept crying, while I walked out of the room saying that: 'Keep crying, I don't care'

After telling about her dream, she looked at me and said that, her every dream comes true one day.

Sounds a little weird but she was very serious in her words.

Let's talk about marital fights.

No marriage is complete without fights. Fights are like intimacy, healthy fights are the essence of a good marriage; however sometimes fights take an ugly turn, which is quite common, and you ought to ignore your partner for a while, specially when you know that you are correct, to protect your self esteem/ego.

And then one beautiful day we were married.

It has been 7 years of marriage, but, no matter how big our fights are, I never let her dream come true. Her tears have always been a threshold, beyond which I never extended a fight.

Surprisingly, she realises this and admires me for my commitment.

Ironically, I am the only lover who proved his love by not letting his lover's dreams come true.

Love is about holding back and controlling your emotions and giving that special person privileged treatment over others and sometimes even over yourself, for life

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