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A Woman Reveals What She Found On Her Husband's Phone After He Travelled To Kumasi

A woman named Nana Ama Pokua was staying in Kumasi before she got married to Kofi Opoku and went to stay with him in Accra. The woman said both of them worked together at the market to sponsor their kid's education. Nana Ama added that few months ago, she found out that her husband has been sleeping with a married woman in their vicinity, she asked her husband about their relationship but he denied that it was never true.

One night the married woman called on her husband's phone, she picked up the call and warned her never to call him again. Opoku got angry, packed her things out of the room and told her to leave his house. The woman said that it was her father who intervened for them to settle this issue. She again caught her husband having a chat at midnight with another married woman, and she threatened to inform that woman's husband.

This time too her husband warned her that he will let her go through hardship if she continued to embarrass him. Nana Ama revealed that she took GHC5,800 to trade with but her business collapsed, she has to sell her land and a house she has built to pay for that loan. After this issue, her husband stop sleeping in the house because she was no longer working, he also too stopped giving her money.

She travel back to her family's house in Kumasi for some time because she couldn't endure her husband behaviour anymore. A few days later Opoku packed her belongings, video them and send it to her that she should come back for it. Nana Ama said she came back to her husband's house, but she found their tenant named Auntie Martha who is also the best friend voice recording on her husband's phone.

The woman said she heard her best friend telling Opuku to meet her at a hotel in the voice recordings. Apart from that, she found numerous voice recordings of Auntie Martha on Opoku's phone which indicates that they are in a relationship. She confronted her friend about the recording.

Auntie Martha confesses to her that it is true they are in a relationship but she has decided to quit the relationship. Nana Ama again said she fought with her husband over this issue but he doesn't want to break up with Auntie Martha. Because of that she packed her belongings and left the house but up to date, her husband has not sent her any money or even asked her to come back to him.

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