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Husband and wife relationship

Marry a Man who Loves you, makes you feel like a woman & is Proud of you

KMarriage is not Compensation for anything. If a a man or woman help you with you fees or business doesn't gives him/her a qualification as a husband or wife material . Mostly marriage has been considered to be a compensation in most homes and most societies, but in reality that's not to be so. Let's look at this, let's ask this question, is marriage supposed to be a compensation? in many cases especially homes that are not too well to do, suffered from this kind of troubles. Seeing a lady through school by paying her fees, doesn't make the lady or the girl marriage material to you mostly men. what men normally do is, when the girl is young fresh everything is turned, the vital features are coming because she's fresh and mostly from a poor back ground, men takes advantage of this , that I want to sponsor you I want to help you send you to school or a thread pay your fees from a certain stage of the school to another level or even up to university. some go to the extent of getting the ladies job or works some set up set them up in businesses but mostly at the long run men do this purposely for a reason , which is: they can marry the lady later. But the ladies who are also vulnerable to this thinks that's what this did for me, I need to pay him back or compensate him.

But in all this times this ladies have being sleeping with the man,but they believe marryung him at the end will be the bigger Compesasition that they're paying to the man.

It is not every man that is a marriage material it's not every man who pays your face deserves to marry you and it's not every lady that you paid her fees is a marriage material or can be a wife or run home or can even support you later when things went down for you. You must marry a man who loves you who things you are a woman to be his wife a woman who he loves a woman who he can be proud of putting in a home, a woman who he can be proud of to be the mother of his children and the woman who he is ready to spend his life with . ladies a man who is paying your fees today may love you but that does not mean the man is a marriage material or a husband .

marry a man who is your husband not because he has paid your fees marry a man who you loved , who you felt something for ,who you can submit yourself to and can be humble to and who can be proud of you, who Can Make You Feel Like a Woman feel safe feel honoured and makes you happy but not just because he was able to pay your fees see you to school set up a business for you so that you need to marry him .

Relationship is not a business venture it's not help me and I help you it's A Love Affair it contains the heart as it concerns sacrifice living together as family concerns selflessness and it for ever.

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