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Husband and wife relationship

Check out some of the things women do to drive away their husbands from the house.

Marriage is very unique before God. Marriage is part of things, God Bless after creation. Here are some of the things women do to drive away their beloved husbands.

1. Rudeness and lack of respect. Respect is a key to sustain your husband at home. No matter the circumstances try as much as possible to give maximum respect to him.

2. Being too talkative.

3. being too argumentative

4. Wrong timing on everything

5. Suspecting him of adultery when he is clean till he decides to do so.

6. embarrassing him in front of his friends and relatives.

7. Believing that you are more spiritual than you treat him like you have the keys to heaven.

8. Not knowing how to dress for him but you know how to dress for outsiders,

9. Making him stay in a dirty environment. clean your home and your body as well.

10. Always demanding, gossip and backbiting, and also stealing from him is sending money or groceries behind his back.

11. Lending out his working tools whilst he is there is like giving someone his wheelbarrow to use while he is your limits though, you are married.

12. Updating him of plans already made yet you don't have time to plan with him. Asking him to buy you airtime and data yet you never call him and if you do out of 20 minutes you give him one minute and you will be online all day and the only time you will text him is when you need something example salt is finished. This makes the marriage unhealthy

13. Making him beg for something for paid for(sex) being the sex referee and denying the innocent man from sex when he is in the mood for it all because you are angry.

14. Calling every female contact on his phone shouting at them and also visiting his workplace to shout at the ladies there. Controlling him because you earn more than he does.

15. Allowing your family to control your marriage because they have a stronger financial muscle.

16. Thinking you everything, criticizing his business ideas, refusing to upgrade yourself and mismanaging finances, abusing resources, and living an imaginary lifestyle that strains your budget.

18. Kneeling for visitors especially PASTORS yet you can't do it for him. Continue lying and also using his name to lie, ignoring his messages yet till you are online.

Everything you do has its consequences so make sure you do the right thing.

Content created and supplied by: bankasfrancis (via Opera News )


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