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Husband and wife relationship

A Woman Reveals What Her Husband Did After He Travelled To Brazil

Charity Osei from Suhum got married to her husband known as Joseph Osei in 1998, the man was a trader at Asamakese who sells building materials, she too was a seamstress but her husband convinced her to stop her work and support him with his trading. After they gave birth to children, the man went for a loan of GHC10,000 from a bank but without informing her.

Charity states that her husband used their house documents as collateral to go for another loan of GHC18,000, he made preparations and travelled to Brazil in 2012 without paying for the loan. The bank officials came to her and informed her that if Joseph doesn't pay the loan they will sell their house. One year after her husband travelled, he sent her GHC700 to used it to pay part of the loan.

Months later her husband told her to rent out part of their house to pay for the loan. She did exactly as she was ordered by her husband, She got GHC5,000 from the house, she then sent the money to the bank but the bank officials didn't accept it, they told her to pay all the money. She too informed her husband about it but his friend came for the money and convinced her that he will pay it later.

The mother of two said she didn't hear anything from her husband for almost two years. It was his friend who gave her Joseph's new number, she called to inform him about how the bank officials wanted to sell the house but he didn't make any attempt to pay the loan. Since that time, she didn't get any information from her husband again or even send her money to cater for the children.

The bank officials later sold their house when she went to the market to sell her things. Charity reveals that he got information that her husband has come back to Ghana, that person gave her husband's contact number to her, she called him but Joseph hang up immediately he heard her voice. Her son also called him but he told the child that he will call him later. Charity said she has stayed in Ghana for ten years without having an affair with another man, she waited for her husband all this years but he has neglected her after he came back to Ghana.

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