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"Attract Women" - 3 Ways To Learn How To Flirt With Women Via Text

Getting a woman to be interested in you can be very sensational when done via text. You can deliberately maneuver your ways to get your dream woman if you are cautious about the type of words you use and above all, having a winning mindset. Many guys lose their chances with their crush due to their bad ways of chatting women. Getting a woman to chase you is not only about your facial appearance but your mannerisms can also go a long way to help you. There are many romance books that seems to teach young guys how to flirt with a woman over text but most guys later realise they are learning the wrong ones. Here are 3 effective ways to flirt with a woman via text.

Be Confident When Texting

Just as you portray being confident when talking to a woman physically, that is how you should portray your confidence when texting with her. Women receive unending text messages from guys who also wants to try their luck with her. Your confidence in your text is what would make the difference.

Spice Your Text With Romance

Using spicy romance words when chatting with a woman is a powerful tool to make you stand out amongst other guys. Rarely do guys romance women over text with spicy words. Doing that would put you on a high scale in the guys she prefers to date. Be careful with the words you use, understand them and know how to explain yourself when being asked the meaning.

Portray Non-neediness

Most guys show neediness when chatting with their crush. Desist from such action even if you have fallen deeply for her. The more you chase women with your neediness, the more they go. Refuse to chase them and rather develop attractive traits to make them chase you. Show confidence in your dealings and you would go a long way to capture her heart.

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