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Smiles After Tears: Kimathy Rawlings Chills With Friends At Wedding.

There is a saying in one of the native languages in Ghana which states that no matter how hard or intensive we cry, we take a break to blow our nose. In other words, no matter how bad a situation is, we do not sit by it or remain mentally bound to it for good, but rather we put in the effort to let it by and move on with our life.

This saying seems to be depicted by the only son of the late former president, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, Kimathy. It would be recalled that the former leader who passed away last year was laid to rest a few months back at the new military cemetery in Accra. And as it is with human nature, the loss of a loved one comes with trauma and unimaginable pain, especially someone as close as a parent.

That notwithstanding, it is very comforting when we see those who are affected by the loss the most recover, even if not fully, and make the effort to get back to normal life.

It was therefore a great sight to see Kimathy Rawlings, having a good to time with some of his friends, possibly former classmates. The event seemed to be a wedding ceremony of one of his friends and in the shot we came across, his demeanor and pose portrayed that of a happy young man.

Considering what he and his family have gone through these past few months, we can only be happy to see him this cheerful.

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