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VIDEO: I Want To Get Married, I Can't Do This Thing Anymore - Lady Tells Lesbian Partner

A Lady has been captured in a video begging her lesbian partner not to break up with her. For a normal male-female relationship, men suffer more emotional pains in break up relationships than women but cannot tell for a lesbian broken heart. These ladies were speaking Twi, meaning they are Ghanaians.

As we are all aware, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) is not accepted in Ghana and parliament is even trying to make a bill to make this act a crime in Ghana. Those who are into this do it secretly. A lady being aware of this has told the partner plainly that she can no longer continue the relationship because she wants to get married.

She said that she is fed up with what they have been doing and that she wants to quit lesbianism. The partner was captured on her knees crying and begging her not to leave. From the speech of the lady, it appears she has got a man who wants to marry her but the partner seems not to understand. "What does that man have that I cannot give to you, please don't leave me alone" - the partner told the lady.

But the lady insisted that she should have stopped doing that with her a long time ago. She has even done well so she should just understand for her to live her life in peace. It appears the lady went into her lesbian partner home with a female friend who also recorded this video. The voice from the video shows that the person holding the camera is a female.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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