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Fear Women: Man Tells Fellow Men After His Girlfriend Busted His Heart

Trust can be broken at any point in time especially in relationships. It is for this reason why we keep on saying that you are to trust no one in this life, not even your parents. There are people who trusted too much and ended up getting scars that run deep within their bodies.

Humans do change and also, time changes. The person you are giving your heart to can meet a new person and change the narrative in a very short while. This is why mostly, people are advised to get into relationships not only with their heart but, also their minds.

In such instances, even if a heart break occurs, the pain wouldn't be that intense. This article is basically based on a video which is trending this morning. I left the link over here for those who would want to have a feel of the video.

Life is very interesting, at one moment you are happy and in the next, you are no more. This is exactly what a young man is facing in his life. He had gone for beauty as a girlfriend and was moving with her in a very amazing manner. Never did we know all this while, the lady had different intentions towards him.

Ladies please, if you don't love us, kindly let us know. Don't let us fall for you only for you to leave us later in life. That is just not cool and it breaks us down emotionally.

Well, he has a message to all men out there. He is telling us to fear women which we will pretend is new to us.

This even doesn't apply to women only. The right statement should be, "Never trust anyone". I don't know why people wait till they become victims before knowing some basic things in life.

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