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WhatsApp Chat That Prove That Women Are Not To Be Trusted (Opinion)

This is very controversial issue that i will take my time to disintegrate the metabolism

of the alacrities. This is not an agenda against women but from a rational point of view

some women are very materialistic and it is helping the society and the future generation.

 Most women want everything for themselves. From cars, bags, shoes, cloths, and phones.

It is good to have all but you should do your very best to understand your partner and also

have patience. Many ladies prefer to be with a man who is wealthy and well finished in life.

And it is not bad to dream of such things but you must know that not all glitters is a gold.

 In real life situation, a man find out for 10 years in relationship her girlfriend never loved him.

This is very heartbreaking and wicked, if you don't love the person why must you lie and make the person thinks

you are madly in love with him.

Look at the screenshots below,

From the above screenshots, the lady is very shallow minded person. She wanted to 

keep her boyfriend because he has car and since his car crashed she is leaving the relationship, this is very 

sad but some ladies must learn how to nature things or else life will teach them a bitter lesson.

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