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Husband and wife relationship

I was forced to marry my husband -Young lady cries

With each passing day, new revelation pops up, secrets are been revealed and trust is broken. Embrace what life's bring, try to correct previous mistakes to make the future better.

A young lady in her late twenties took to her Facebook account to narrate how her family forced her to marry, though she wasn't ready for marriage.

The question is, how will a lady in her twenties had the the pressure to marry at that tender age? Well, that is the society we are living in now.

The society now requires a woman must marry at least in her twenties, it bring glory to the family, whiles a man must be prosperous at early stage to gain societal recognition.

With all these pressure mounting on the youth brings depression .This young young lady feels depressed and want to end her marriage.

Her story reads 'we have been married for the the past five years now and have two two lovely kids, but I don't remember the last time I had sex with my husband. I don't feels anything for him now.

All these is happening because I was forced by my siblings and parents into marriage. I have tried all I can to love my husband but to no avail.

For sometime now, my husband keep late at night, refuse to eat my food and even chat me. I confronted him and he told me point blank that he is seeing someone in town. He told me I can go out there to get one for myself.

Am confused now and don't know what do to. Should I seek for divorce? What will happen to my kids if I leave this marriage?'

What is your take on this guys. You can follow me for more relationship stories.

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