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"Playboy Manual" - 3 Golden Rules You Should Never Break No Matter What

Rules of making you the loverboy and the heartbeat of most guys can be such a great feeling. It is always said that the playboy always finish first whilst the fake nice guys lurk behind. My instinctive attractiveness is the magnet that pulls more women to me. Guess it seems absolutely impossible? But trust me, you would able to cement an attractive magnet every woman that it would very impossible to resist you.

Most guys sit on the sidelines while they watch their fellow colleagues become the masters of the game. No matter the disadvantage you see about yourself, you can still see light at the end of the tunnel. All you have to do is to learn some simple rules that seems Golden in the sight of women and would separate you from the lot that who approach her. I mean, she would see you differently. Below are some powerful golden rules you should never break as a guy no matter what.

Double Texting

It is very sad to know that bunch of guys fall a victim of this. Well, I might not be perfect since I've also fallen victim of such incident. It is time you stop double texting a woman no matter how much you love her. Since she is not yet your wife, double texting is not healthy for you. Many women see this as a bait of you sounding desperate and that shouldn't be labeled among alpha males.

Asking Too Much Questions

Here is the case where most guys troop into the DM of a beautiful lady just to torment her with their many questions. It's a high time you stop doing that as a guy. If you send a lady a question and she did not reply, don't worsen your case by sending another text. Shockingly, women see most guys as annoying and not secured. Don't ever commit such a mistake if you want to impress a woman.

Don't Ever Begin Discussion

Yes, know yourself as worth something precious so please don't force yourself in a woman. Once a while you put a question on board for both to talk of it. It's not always advisable to always be the one to begin conversation.

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Double Playboy Manual


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