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Every Lady Must Learn From Her- Ghanaians Lauds Fatima For Practicing What Many Won't Even Dare.

Date Rush an initiative from the management for TV3 broadcasting network to structure a platform by which young guys and ladies can find their respective love. 

With a happening that struck the whole of the nation as one lady who has been labeled and tagged with divers basterdization found love after numerous trying times.

Hopes of her getting a lover on the show [Date Rush] has always been slim until yesterday. Fatima got herself a fine gentleman that all the ladies available for love pairing would have wish to have. 

Fatima blushed and made everything possible to lay hands on a dancehall artist but once again she was disappointed. 

It was looking as usual, until Bismark came into the scene to give Fatima the shock of her life. 

Shooting the whole country into a stick of merry and shock for the most controversial lady to have ever steeped on the podium of Date Rush show. 

Fatima has fought through the hard times, bashing, basterdization, mocking, trolling and the heart breaks to finally lay hands on that which she has been patiently waiting and hoping for. 

This in a but shell it's a message to every lady or guy out there hoping and yearning to achieve a thing or two for themselves but all seem drowned without any sing of significant strides. 

Fatima has proved that patience is virtue for ladies of today who yearns for the plush of life but will not drink the pain of sorrow and patience but will hang to what has been termed as "Already Made".

We can all testify that Fatima is a woman worthy of emulating. 

I hope you agree with me in this matter? 

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