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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Ways To Deal With Rejection After Being Turned Down

Overcoming rejections and dealing with it is such a complicating manual. My months of becoming an Alpha Male was not built on a silver platter. It took me sweat and constant rejections before I finally got to my final destination. Before I became an Alpha Male, I got rejected by a lady who was very dear to me. I have to chase her for several years but she never accepted my proposal. There are times as a newbie you would be confronted with certain rejections that if care is not taken it would make you give up.

Now guess what, after learning the strategic ways to make a woman chase me, the lady I've been chasing for the past years is now chasing me and wants my attention. Yes, that's how powerful learning to be an Alpha Male and a great flirt is like. Here are some simple tips to help you deal with rejections after being turned down by your crush.

Believe In Yourself

Having self confidence and believing in yourself is what matters a lot. Non or the Alpha males you see in movies and real life were not able to go higher until they deal with their self confidence. It is very unusual when o come across guys who finds it difficult to approach women because they lack what is called self confidence. They don't believe in themselves and what they are capable of doing. Well, it takes a gradual process to elevate yourself from being a newbie to Intermediate and lastly an Alpha Male.

Work On Your Flaws

Yes, in this world, no matter how beautiful or handsome a person looks, everyone has flaws. I might be good looking to you but very ugly to another person. Such is life and you should be able to absorbe all the shock that would our of people. Work on why the lady refused to accept your proposal. It might because you are quick tempered or you behave like a man-child. Just work on it and you see how magical you would become in the eyes on women.

Don't Be Idle

I've got realise that most guys become idle after being rejected by a woman. It is time you wake up from your slumber and find something doing. Find a job if you know you jobless because it might also be a reason your proposal was rejected. Forget about whatever ensued between the two and move on with your life.

Thank you.

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