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How To Know If She Likes You But Is Shy To Say

There are many ways to detect if someone likes you, as they are often involuntary gestures that cannot be controlled or hidden. Therefore, we are going to show you how our body behaves when we like someone and the some signs that someone likes you. When we like someone, it is inevitable to perform a series of acts that are totally involuntary, such as acting nervous or observing in detail the person we like.

The nervousness and restlessness that the other person causes us, sometimes, causes us to talk too much and make a small clearing of the throat before speaking to avoid possible stuttering. Our body has its own reactions such as a slight reddening of the cheeks and increasing sweating of the hands . In addition, unconsciously, there is an increase in heart rate that only the person who experiences it notices.

As we have already said, there are a series of indicators that reflect whether people like you . Here we are going to list the nineteen signs of interest that do not always have to be fulfilled all at once. But to venture to know if a person is interested in us we can study these signs:

1. Permanent smile

When someone likes you, it is inevitable that they will constantly smile just because you are present. It is common for a smile to appear on her face after an exchange of glances.

2. Constant attention

If someone likes you, they have their attention focused on you. It may seem like a simple act of education, but it is inevitable that if he is interested in you, she will be pending . This occurs even when you are not doing or saying anything that requires attention.

3. High level of friendliness

She has a kindness to you that he does not have with the rest . She may be nice in her own personality, but she'll raise that level when she's with you. It is proven that when someone feels cared for and cared for, they will develop feelings towards the person who shows them care.

4. She looks at your mouth 

When you are speaking she focuses on your mouth, even her gaze is fixed on it when you are not speaking . This point is quite clear. But we recommend that you analyze the situation well because it is true that many people are not able to look into the eyes during a conversation, so they look at other points, such as the mouth.

5. Find common ground with you

Unconsciously she will try to find similar points with you to share time or have conversations. She will also want to show you that you have common ground and that you are similar. With this, look for compatibility between you.

6. Constant conversations

She wants to talk to you at any time and on any subject, so it will not be strange that he often starts talks that may seem trivial and meaningless, but everything has a reason and that is that she wants to talk to you.

7. Compatibility

She starts to show interest in your hobbies so that you have more opportunities to plan together. In addition, they will tend to propose plans with the idea of ​​being able to see you often.

8. Nervousness in your presence

She cannot hide the nervous expression that she suffers when she is with you. This is even more noticeable when it has to head straight for you.

9. Body posture

Her body is inevitably oriented towards you because she seeks your attention and wants to narrow the distance between you, therefore, she will also tend to lean towards you and be close.

10. Respond quickly to your messages 

The fact that she responds quickly to your messages means that she is pending and is interested in having a conversation with you.

11. Compliments

In a subtle way she tries to tell you what he thinks of you . The fact that she has a good image of you causes him to unconsciously tell you.

12. Seeks to establish physical contact 

As with body posture, she will try to have physical contact such as a light caress or an innocent hug. With these gestures she seeks to know your reaction and to narrow the distance.

13. Interest in your feelings

Beyond the typical courtesy question, she asks you how you are because she wants to know what worries you, what happens to you, what you want and how you feel about your reality. She wants to help you as much as possible.

14. Get your attention

You may notice that she has undergone a change in her appearance, such as the way he dresses or combs her hair. They are gestures that show that every time he knows that he is going to see you, she becomes handsome to get your attention.

15. Protection

The fact that she cares for you and likes you provokes a protective spirit in her. In any situation of trouble or help, she will be with you.

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