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Your fear of a Break Up: How to heal

Have you ever felt like you were less than lovable or somehow unlovable?

 Like you have to be perfect or you will be rejected? Do you sometimes panic when you don't get a quick reply to a text message, email, or WhatsApp message? Why not tell your truth in relationships because you think it might drive your partner away? Do you tend to look for less?

These reactions could mean that the fear of abandonment is ravaging your life. Abandonment is a primitive fear often rooted in childhood. If you have experienced cold, critical, or distant parenting, you may have subconsciously created the feeling that you are invisible, worthless, unlovable, or not your own. This fear can also develop later, later in life after a devastating loss or breakup. Not to worry I have great news. I will show you ways to heal and overcome your fear of abandonment and build healthy relationships! First: Draw attention to yourself

Now look at your photo, imagine yourself as your own precious adult child, notice how much you love this child by observing their beautiful faces, feel the essence of their loving soul, know their innocence and the care of their great hearts. Appreciate this grown child as is you - absolutely. Celebrate your self find the good qualities in you and start appreciating yourself. Notice and challenge negative self-talk

 Instead of letting this fear of abandonment haunt you, your self-talk, and your relationship take hold, just pay attention to the negative self-talk that started it all. And you ask, is this belief true? Is this true?  Use specific affirmations to replace negative self-talk. Finally, detach from this negative self-talk. Replace it with positive self-talk. Focus on appreciating yourself. This is a special technique that will help you to love what God has placed in you. First, make a list of statements that focus on being seen, chosen, claimed, lovable, and liked. These are affirmative sentences that begin with "I" and are in the present tense. Then, as you write them down, imagine that you are your ideal relationship self, the self that you want to be.

So here are some examples:


A great person to be seen, seen, and appreciated.

Requested by a worship partner.

 Totally kind and loving.

A perfect child of God

To be loved unconditionally.

Desirable to be chosen and loved.

choose a saying to say to yourself when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. Even if you don't feel it!

 In fact, your mind will always register positive statements.

 And your fear of abandonment will diminish over time...

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