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How To Win A Difficult Girl. She Will Chase You Forever

Girls play tough games and send you conflicting signals to prove that you are a confident man and to value her more. She is likely going to do it to make sure she is going to be with a man who is really worth it, and this shows a lot of self-confidence, which is something you should look for in a woman.

She's also making sure that she really likes you and you're not just looking to sleep with her or something. In short, she is looking for a man who is compatible with what she wants, and this is going to result in a better dating relationship in the end. Look at women who play hard as a positive, instead of seeing them as a woman who only tests you all the time.

Don't give up so easy, keep trying! Get the best way to give her confidence and to become open with you. If you do this, you will see how that protective layer will be celebrating and you will be able to locate its soft spot. Here are 7 important aspects for you to take into account when conquering your difficult wife, take note.

1. Give her concrete signs that you like her

Usually most women like to know how interested their man is in them. If you have already decided to be formally with her, this is going to be much easier than you expect. You always have to be aware that there is a balance in all your actions and words, because if there is an excess of your actions, all the work you have achieved can easily collapse.

That is, if one day in the morning you called her more than 3 times and also kept looking for her with messages, this will cause your pretty girl to realize that you are obsessed with her. 

2. Show your confidence

But stop the lies and do not try to be someone you are not, because she will like to meet the real person. Avoid being discovered by a lie because if it happens to you, you will not have the slightest excuse to defend yourself and you will be disappointed.

3. Get her excited about what you are passionate about.

If you have any activity that you are passionate about and have a lot of fun, do not hesitate to invite her and teach her what it is about so she will know something that may be new to her, and more about you and your passion. Also after you have had a lot of time to yourself you can involve her with your social activities.

4. Show her that she is the only woman you like

When you are with her make her feel unique. This will fascinate her so much that she will end up enjoying your company a lot and want to spend much more time with you, because if women love something, it is to be and feel that they are the only ones. Avoid mentioning past relationships or caching objects, photos, letters that your ex has given you.

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