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My CEO's Daughter Has Fallen In Love With Me But I Have A Girlfriend Back In Ghana

Life can be a little devastating spice up with things that could equally bring joy and sadness. Life does not give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve. My name is Addison and I'm a Ghanaian. I'm very hardworking and that has brought good honour and reputation on me. I had everything I wanted during my youthful years since I came from a very wealthy and influential home.

At the age of 23 years, I left Ghana to Germany to have my tertiary education and indeed, things has been so good to me. Right after my four years education in Computer Engineering, I got a work at one of the biggest technological companies in Germany. Things quickly turned around. I have a girlfriend in Ghana before I relocated to Germany. I met her during my senior high school days and indeed, she has been a great source of encouragement for me.

My boss daughter in Germany has seriously fallen in love with me. He comes to my house to cook and do whatever necessary as a prospective wife. I've tried to stop her but she refuse to refrain herself from me. She has promised to give me €1 million to start a business if I agree to marry her. That's indeed a hard nut to crack.

I also love my girlfriend in Ghana very much that I can not exchange anything to leave her. She calls me everyday hoping we would be getting married in a few months time since I've proposed to her. I also need the money from my boss daughter to start a business.

Help a brother, I'm really confused and I don't know what step to take. Your candid opinion and suggestions are welcome as how to go about with things. Thanks for reading. Kindly follow honeylovebird for more juicy love stories.

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