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6 Mature Ways To Handle A Very Beautiful And Hot Girlfriend

1. Do not be needy ever even for a second. Hot girls can sense neediness and they respond negatively to it. This is especially true when you are in a relationship with one. Don't beg to spend time with her, don't fish for compliments, and don't call or text too much. Give her space; this shows her you are secure in your relationship, and she will respect you for that. If she decides to travel or go out with friends without you, let her do that, and go do your own thing for a while.

2. Seek to learn what her character is. Watch how she treats others, her values, her honesty, her dreams. What is she seeking? Can you provide it? Would you want to if she wasn’t beautiful? What are you rationally willing to sacrifice to be with her, because being with anyone requires compromise and sacrifice. Do you want to give up more just because she is beautiful?

3. Remember that even if you win and gain her as a lover that you will get used to her beauty eventually. The old adage “No matter how pretty she is, some guy is tired of putting up with her shit.” is true. If she is pretty but has no character or values then you will soon tire of her and resent her - and that is not her fault: it’s yours for being willing to settle for looks.

4. Remember the story where a beautiful gold digger seeks to find a rich man to marry. He tells her he never would because it’s foolish to purchase a depreciating asset when it’s easier to lease a new one regularly on the side. If you aren’t in it for love but for beauty remember that the beauty is going to fade. Make sure that she has the qualities that will enhance your life over the long run. You will get used to her beauty. If that is all you want you will be sorely disappointed in the long run as it fades. Sorely disappointed. And you will have stolen time from her and yourself, time you both could have spent seeking real love and real values.

5. If you do develop real love, real feelings, real trust and the real thing, gained through trust and intimacy, keep in mind that no matter how solid your relationship, other men will seek to break it out of jealousy or desire. As the song says, “What they do - is smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place - the back stabbers. Back stabbers!” You will have to keep aware of this, of people, even “friends” who try to insert doubt and negativity. You must keep communication with your lover open, free, honest and fearless. If you cannot, then it’s always possible for an interloper to introduce the seeds of doubt that could be your downfall.

6. Do not let her be your purpose. She's there because you're a complete and centered person, that is what attracted her to you in the first place, have hobbies, business pursuits, passion for something besides her. This will allow you to keep her respect.

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