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Find a Decent Man and Ask Him to Marry You, Don’t Wait Untill a Man Ask For Your Hand In Marriage

Unmarried Muslim women should quit waiting for a guy to come along and ask for their hand in marriage, according to Muhammad Habeebulahi, a Muslim man. He stated in a Facebook post that there is nothing wrong with a Muslim girl who has reached the age of marriage going out and looking for a respectable man to marry her.

In his remark, he stated that a lady asking for a man's hand in marriage is halal. He also suggests that if the guy lacks the financial means to marry, the lady can sponsor the marriage if she is financially secure. "As an unmarried lady, if you are becoming old," he added. Wait for a man to approach you and ask for your hand in marriage. Find a respectable man and request his hand in marriage.

In Islam, it is Halal (legal). Sponsor the marriage if you have the financial resources. If you don't have the resources, go for the cheapest option. This is far superior to being alone, since if you do not exercise caution, you may wind up committing zin (fornication), which can lead to hellfire. For the wise, a single phrase suffices.

Our noble Messenger Of allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) accepted Khadjah's (R.A.) wish to marry her. They rose to the top of the world's best pair rankings. May Allaah (Sub-haanahu wata'aala) make it simple for our brothers and sisters who are having difficulty getting married and relieve them of all their difficulties. Ameen”

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