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Don't Beg your partner to stay if he or she starts behaving this way- You might be dumped

In relationships everyone has to make sure to sacrifice to make their partner to feel nice and to make sure both partners stay around.

But sometimes you might think that you are doing just right as a guy, but in real sense, you are truly messing it all up. Not sleeping with other person in relation is cheating.

In everything you must have your own limits when it comes to dating. There is no need to break your own rules for a woman or a man who doesn't care about you.

if your partner start behaving in the following way, simply leave him or her to save your life from breaking heart and time wasting someone must need you. The more you care for your partner or the more you worry about each other , the less they becomes interested in you.

Therefore, if your partner starts to adopt a lifestyle she was not into it when you meet, that means Something is wrong some where then you must act fast to save yourself.

Especially, Women only change when they already seeing another person. She will change totally, thet way she use to care for you, call and check on you at regular basis, how he or she talk to you and respect you when you first meet, all that change and others too will just pretend to love you, but deep down their heart, they're just want to wast your time and money.

The same thing apply to men who see different lady, So the best solution is just to leave him or her if you notice that your partner has change. There is no way you will live with stress because of a woman or a man who doesn't care about you.A mistake that most guys make is to try to make him or her come back to normal.

Just end the relationship and never beg a woman or a man to stay in your life when she or he doesn't want you, because if you try to force yourself with anyone to love you, My sister and brothers you're just wasting your time because your partner may end up marrying someone else.

Cheating in relationship is not only base on sleeping with someone else but when your partner start hiding things from you, its also a form of cheating so advice yourself when you notice that from your partner. Many of us been a victim before so you can sure to other. Love goes where love is thank you.

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