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Wedding dress

Stunning and colorful non-white wedding dresses that will be the dream of Every bride.

Over the years weddings have become more of Glitz , fashion and styles. Choosing what to wear on that special day is very important to every bride. It's important to note that there are different colors , and wedding dresses can come in any good color. But more often it's white that they come in more. Taking my time to do research on why, I've had the opportunity to ask three fashion designers , who on different occasions sowed a wedding gown for their clients. Their replies were very simple." You know white has a lot of good significance, it signifies peace, calm, good mood etc and so it's only good to wear a color that can show all these on your wedding day " one said. But then I asked another there are a lot of good and cool colors, why not Pink, Why not purple, why not sky blue, why not yellow, why not any other colors . Why is it always white, I mean all these colors mentioned above will make a perfect good looking colors of a wedding gown which will also look good on the bride as well. And she said " For me it's just about beliefs and what the society appreciates and recognizes but my wedding dress was wine color and it looked good , just that it not that common among our society but it not a bad idea to have your wedding dress in a different beautiful color other than white". Fact is I've seen seen a few wedding dresses in different color as well and they look amazing. Here are some few wedding dresses in different colors that will make you choose it over white on your wedding day.

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