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When you badly need love and find yourself left with just two idiots to choose from.

When you badly need love and find yourself left with just two idiots to choose from, please choose none. This sense you just learnt eluded Nana Akua when she found herself in a similar situation in Date Rush. You see, the lady is probably one of the most serious ladies to have appeared on Date Rush, she is blessed with beauty as well as sense. I even questioned why a lady like that will take a show largely meant for our amusement so seriously. 

She was left with two guys who looked like they don't deserve love and decided to shoot her shot and went for who she thought was the 'least idiot' of the two, a cambuu wearing wulormo, but she took it like that. 

One week later, the classical poor man's Wulomor is asked to share with Ghanaians about progress made aa, see mumu, he blocked her because she loved and cared for him too much. Eiii, I feel sorry for Nana Akua, she was left with two nonsense to choose from and felt she had settled for the traditionalist kum Rick Ross. Gyimie kakraa, home sense kakraa. Not knowing the sense has been negated by excess supply of gyimiesoline. 

He said; "She is the one who has been doing the calling, she calls me every morning to check up on me, she loves me too much so I blocked her. I am sorry Nana Akua, I love you and hope we can make it work."

A man who wears lace and cambuu should go to Church and testify of the Lord's goodness when he finds love because such favour is unmerited 

You come to a show dressed like one of our reincarnated ancestors who met Tupac in the hades, find love from a fine Asante woman and man is bluffing. 

(Not) everyone deserves love not

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Nana Akua Wulomor


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