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I Might Lose Her If I Tell Her I Am Dating Her Married Friend - Guy Confused On What To Do

I am a young man in my late 20s, i have been dating this woman for three years now. She is married with a child but she has suffered a setback in her marriage and currently going through a separation .

She’s assured me that she doesn’t have feelings for her husband anymore. One time we had an argument and i suggested we call it quits because she isn’t divorced.

The next thing i knew she was entertaining another guy. To be honest i don’t feel secure because of her husband being in the picture and also because of the presence of this other guy.

Fast forward i have met this young lady who is falling so quickly for me. I sort of like her and i may propose to her. Now the issue is, i just discovered that she is related to the said married woman.

This woman has found out about my intentions and wants me to stay away from the new lady.

Because of this, i want to tell her the truth about my relationship with the married woman because she only knows her as my co-worker.

What’s stopping me now is that i might lose her if i open up?

Please advise me.

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