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The photographer with no arms and legs

In Indonesia, there is a guy with no arms and no legs but can shoot pictures, he can drive cars, and he can dive the ocean.

Who is this guy? And how the neck does he do it.

In this small town in Indonesia, we found Zul. Zul is born different but he can do whatever you can. When most people meet Zul, the first thing they see is not his personality or skills. They see his disability. And it is not just other people, his parents did too. His parents were ashamed. And they threw him into the river. His own parents could not accept his disability that he was born with. And his entire life every one looked down on him. Because everyone thought disability meant useless. Sooner or later that got into his own head. That is why when he was 13 years old, he tried to end the pain and kill himself. He tried to kill himself because, he was afraid to burden them.

But one day, things turned around. He found a purpose for himself in the last thing he expected. A CAMERA. Even though he has no legs. He picked up a camera with only his arm muscles, strapped it on his neck and used all the strength he had to press the shutter and that changed his Iife. His pictures were really good. So good that people could not believe he took these pictures.

He took thousands of pictures that he became popular on Instagram and eventually he got a scholarship to study at photography school.

So he went one step further and became a mechanic. He designed his own car and assembled it with the help of his friend so he can go anywhere in the world. It is a special car that only he can use with a break and an engine from a motorbike. A steering wheel from a go-kart and he calls it his own formula one car.

In the future, he is planning on conquering the oceans! He is learning how to dive just so he can take underwater shots and improve his craft.

Think about this for a second

Without any arms or legs. This guy can take py, build a car, build a career and learnt how to swim in the ocean.

Disability is everything he is not.

Disability is a wrong word to use. Because people like him fight everyday to stay alive. They are the most abled people in the world.

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