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5 Clearest Signs That Your Guy Has Plans of Marrying You

In this technologically stage how to woo a woman or a man has been very easy. This is because one does not need to struggle with plans and rehearsals on how to propose to a woman or a man. It can easily be done by the use of whatsapp test message if you have the fellow's mobile phone number.

And because of this easy means, some people are also taking advantage of it to mess up the lives of many beautiful women and handsome men.

Due to this kind of lifestyle that is going on, it is not allowing some people to also have a clue of the mind of their significant others. 

And it's like they are trying their luck in the relationship instead of having a stable mind in it. And the sad part is that it is mostly the women who feel cheated when relationships do not end in marriage or their expectations.

So therefore in this article I am addressing five early and clearest signs that the guy you are dating has a good motive for marrying you.

When a guy has a plan of making you his wife, there is this feeling of pure love and caring lifestyle he will show to you. He will be so committed to the things concerning and even the people around you.

He will make you feel like there’s no other man on earth except him and him alone. Also your feelings will tell you that you have a man who is so lovely and compassionate and also has your comfort in mind.

Also such a guy is very welcoming, always wanting to be with you on any small time that he is free. He is intimate with you, eyes you secretly whenever you are not looking in his direction and when you catch him. He smiles and tells you lovely things like i love babe, or any lovely words that melts hearts.

He mostly touches your hand without any tangible reasons and loves to hug you without considering where you guys are, either indoors or outdoors. He checks on you every single day and more especially at night, sometimes until you tell him you want to sleep before he hangs the phone.

Again, he mostly discusses the future with you, the way he would love to put things together when you get married. In short he likes discussing the future with you without missing words.

He feels proud to introduce you to all his family members and any closest friends that he meets with you whilst walking or driving. That means he feels proud to show you to the world. He feels no shame telling you about his past mistakes and good things he has done. He opens up on his financial state and doesnt hide his resources from you although you are not yet married.

Finally, such a guy makes you feel belonging and you are free whenever you are with him. You don't seem like putting yourself together. I mean you are totally good whenever you're with him and whenever you are not with him, you miss him like not seeing him for years.

These and others are some of the signs that clearly tell you that you are with the right man and a husband material as such.

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