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Check out funny reasons why boys would wanna be in a girls class

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Now we're all human beings and we all are attracted to the opposite sex. This natural fact explains why one would like to be in a class were that person is the only boy or girl. So basically for today, we gonna be discussing some funny reasons why boys would like to be the only guy in a girls class.

1. Mostly the class is filled with 99% of beautiful girls - So we know that most girls mostly offer home economic courses. Therefore most girls often choose this course a lot, and usually you'll find the pretty once in that class. So if you're in such a class, and you usually see boys coming to your class. It's because he has seen something beautiful that is making him come to the class often.

2. Because of the food - Home economic is a course that deals mainly with food preparation and clothing. And guys eat a lot, so if probably boys go to that class all the time, he's probably going in search of food. And also the food is free, as no one would charge you for any meal. And because you're friends with the girls in that class, you're probably going to be eating free food all the time.

3. Girls there are free - As compared to a science class were everyone is always occupied, home economic students are free with everyone. They learn all right, but are always ready to listen. This is what makes boys like home economics class, cause they'll always have time even a little to listen to you.

Note: Am a witness to these facts, cause I'm offering home economic. So I know what am talking about.

So now you know some reasons why boys would go to a girls class, also if you have something more to add up to it. Kindly comment it down below. A quick heads up, for my next article I'll be writing on why guys usually don't offer for home economic class.

Thank you for reading this article.

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