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Photo Of The Day: Beautiful 18-year-old Lady Who Married Her 63-year-old Pastor to Fulfil Her Dream

We all have different choices to make in our lives, some succeed in making the right decision while some people end up making the wrong decision. To get married is a beautiful thing, but getting married to the right person is something that should be the priority.

The way some people are handling relationships nowadays is the reason why it does not last long, most people are not ready to tolerate each other knowing fully that everybody has his/her own flaw. Age has nothing to do with marriage if you truly love your partner, and love should not be based on age in any case.

This is the case of an 18-year-old girl who got married to a 63-year-old pastor who happens to be her pastor. Both the ladies are ladies, the pastor is from Calabar State in Nigeria, the lady is a choir member of the church led by the 63-year-old pastor. The pastor is the general overseer of the Way of Salvation Church of Jesus Christ, the pastor is popularly known by the name Apostle Peter Tom Udofia.

The beautiful 18-year-old who is also known by the name Sister Blessing Jeremiah Esu agreed to marry the old-aged pastor because her dream is to marry an ordained man of God. The young lady revealed that she found joy in the pastor and decided to accept his proposal when he proposed to her because of her desire to marry a pastor.

This marriage attracted a lot of controversies from the general public because some people believed that the pastor might have used charm on the lady, but various reports say otherwise as the lady is said to have followed up her dream of marrying a pastor. Age is nothing but a number, and it should not be an obstacle in any relationship.

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Calabar State Nigeria Way of Salvation Church


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