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A Married Couple Recently Caused A Stir On Social After Sharing This Pictures.

While love may be the main reason for marriage, it is not the only one. In general, people commit to spending their lives together for more than one reason. Every couple chooses marriage because it fits their needs and supports their values ​​and dreams.

In general, black people save a lot of money trying to tie the knot because they invite the whole community to feed everyone, book a large space for all their guests, and buy or rent expensive clothes. You lost too much money on a one day event.

But the young couple turned things around, one tweeter posting a photo of them on Twitter with the caption "Nice wedding for two, nothing difficult" of the things the couple did to hold their wedding ceremony there.

You could say they were happy and didn't spend a lot of money on the ceremony, they wore ordinary clothes even though they were representative, their rings were beautiful too, maybe they spent money on the rings. Since they are simple, it seems like people on the outside like the couple and they are happy for them as they walk to their car.

Nothing beats simplicity, I wish this couple a happy and successful marriage.

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