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Guys, Easy Ways To Make Her Think of You Regularly

There’s a misconception that during the early phase of a relationship, people fall for each other the more they spend time around each other. Although some part of this misconception is true, there are instances where spending too much time with a lady becomes irrelevant. Strong feelings are developed when a lady starts to miss you and this can only be achieved if you make her think about you regularly.

Generally, When a woman has time to think about you, that is when she starts to develop a strong desire to be with you. There is no specific clue you can follow to make a lady think about you always because women differ in their character, however, there are certain things you can do to make a lady remembers you regularly especially when your relationship is a new one;

Don't make yourself too available

It is important to have a life outside of your romantic escapades. Family, friends, work, hobbies and goals are an important part of your life. Therefore, the first step you can take to make a lady think about you regularly is limiting the time you spend together. By doing so, you show her that you have other important things to do apart from loving her.

Treat her well

Treating a lady well means giving her unrivalled and undivided attention such that she always feels special when you are with her. As a result, she will always want to spend time with you and when she can't, she will pine so much for it. She will be excited to see you anytime you visit her.

Flirt and tease her

Flirting is key to attracting a girl. If you can flirt successfully, she’ll miss the good fun you have together. One easy way to flirt with a girl in such a way that she will remember you is to compliment her genuinely. Focus on something that other people don't see in her. This will make her miss those compliments from you anytime you are not around.

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