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Date Rush: Confusion On Social Media As Nabilla Picks Nana Kwame

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Nabilla and Nana Kwame left the whole Ghanaian fans of Date Rush into a state of confusion.

Her [Nabilla] pick a guy that has been labeled as many as the perfect special person for her as many also has the notion that it's the wrong choice for the two with claims that it will surely end in tears.  

Nabilla from the onset brought all heads rolling as all the guys left their rushes on with hopes of landing the admiration of the American native.

Suggestions has it that Nabilla is too energetic and full of fun picking Nana Kwame as her date won't help her. Ghanaians has it that Nana Kwame is soo cooperate and needs these ladies that are career minded and not a lady like Nabilla who's just living her own life without brakes. 

Comments raised set the time for confusion as disagreements from fans shit up into what looked like reacting banter. 

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