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DATE RUSH: Hot Lady Slapped With Hot Broken Heart After Rejecting A Handsome Man.

Last night Sunday, 30th May was another Date Rush Season 5, Episode 8.

A beautiful and hot lady rejected a man that love her but was slapped with broken Heart by another man she chose.

Before then, Ella is a model and a student as well. She came on Date Rush to find Love. All the 10 gentlemen were waiting on her as she mounted the stage.

After first, second and final profile videos, Ella still has 5 rushes on. 

Out of the 5, she have to turn off 3 rushes that she is not having connection with and leave on 2 for the time been. Yes she turned off 3 rushes remaining 2 on (Ima and Rockson). 

But Giovani ask her if she is sure of her decision or she will like to do some correction. Yes! She said. Then she turn of Ima's rush and turn on Blessing rush. Even though Ima was seriously crushing on her but she rejected him. Aww!!

So now it's between Blessing & Rockson. Earlier on, Blessing make a remarks that, he off his off because he had seen something about Ella which he doesn't like of her.

Surprisedly in no time blessing took the Mic and said he doesn't love Ella.

Rockson on other hand love Ella, but she also said she doesn't love Rockson and will prefer to walk out stage without a date. Yes she walked out stage without a date. 

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