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Key signs from the universe that someone is coming back into your life

One of life's most enthralling and magical moments is reuniting with a former love. You get a second chance to get to know that person as you explore new interests and rekindle old ones. But how would you know if someone was reentering your life? The universe does, however, provide you some indications!

Ex-partners have a way of returning home, just like cats do. They do return. What signals point to a potential reunion between you two or suggest that your estranged ex-partner is willing to consider it? Let's dive in:

1. Still All Over Your Social-Media

The way your ex behaves on social media is a reliable indicator of how she feels about you. Do they no longer follow you? Otherwise, it's a positive indicator. It's even better if they continue to like and comment on all of your posts.

But if they're acting strangely, be cautious. Online behavior that is non-threatening and non-aggressive is safe — and frequently welcomed.

2. Haven’t Returned Your Things

We enjoy preserving objects that serve as a reminder of our loved ones. There is a significant likelihood that your ex likes having your possessions around if they haven't been returned yet. And if they appreciate having it around, that can be a sign that they miss you and are willing to make amends.

3. Text or Call When Drunk

They say that the only two things in life that are guaranteed are death and taxes, but we'd add a third: texting while intoxicated. Specifically, if your ex still texts or calls you after drinking, they are still interested in you.

Consider this: if you are on someone's mind when they are out having fun or moping around the house, you are probably on their thoughts all the time. And if that's the case, the likelihood of reconciliation rises.

4. Keep In Touch With Your Friends or Family

Before the breakup, were you engaged in a committed relationship? Did you know each other's friends and family at that point? If this is the case and your ex is still in touch with your family members, close friends, or siblings, it's likely that they are still missing you and your chances of reconciling are higher.

5. Answer Your Texts and Calls Immediately

What should you do if someone you don't like or care about calls or texts you? Most individuals will either ignore it or put off answering for several weeks.

In other words, see it as a positive sign if your ex continues to respond to your messages within minutes or answers their phone by the third ring.

6. Immediately Started Dating Someone Else

If your ex-spouse begins dating someone else right away after you split up, there's a chance they're just being irrational. It's the typical "rebound" circumstance. Relationships of this nature typically don't last. They are merely a tool that people employ to either move on from a relationship or make their former envious. There are, of course, exceptions, but the majority of the time it is one of the two.

There are many ups and downs to dating. But it can be a lot of fun as long as you learn to enjoy the roller coaster and protect yourself both physically and mentally.

And occasionally taking a little time off helps with reflection. There is a 50% possibility that you will return with your honey at some time, so don't worry.

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