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Does True Love Exist. See how these classmates developed their relationship into marriage.

What at all is Love? Well everybody has his or her definition of love base on one experience but day in day out, we hear people saying, love does not exist, love has an expiry date, and love has a limit. Well, today's article will tell everything, is all about how two classmates developed their relationship into marriage.

Recently, a wedding ceremony took place, and during the ceremony, George Anyimiah who is the broom of Grace Gorkeh asked permission and declared a speech about how far they have developed their relationship and to our surprise, they started dating way back at Senior High School and have developed this relationship into marriage, they were course mates. Now, they completed school and never see each other again, he got admission to KNUST and furthered his education for 4 years. He completed and was employed to work at Ghana Gas, Elubo.

One weekend, their manager organized a party at his house and invited all the workers so they went. As the party was ongoing he had a call, went out, and made the call because the place was noisy. As he was entering from the back door with his head down and mind focus on his phone, he heard their manager introducing his daughter to his colleague workers. He entered and sat in his previous place with his mind still focused on his phone, he realized the lady's voice looks familiar and then raised his head, and to his surprise, that was his girlfriend way back in secondary school.

Everyone was shocked, he explained everything to them so they went out and had a long chat but because the love and the affected was still there, they proceed with their relationship for a while and now they are married.

Life is undefined, if you and your partner are destined to be together, no matter what happens in your relationship, you will be together. Comment by saying Amen and don't forget to share with others.

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